Carvaljo for SAP Professionals

Are you in search of a challenging new SAP project? Do you want to be recompensed according to your skills and experience? Carvaljo offers you excellent conditions, in line with your position as a true SAP professional.

Things we don’t do

Let it be clear that we, at Carvaljo, take our contracting work just as seriously as you do. Therefore, you won’t see us proposing any form of complicated semi-employee conditions to independent contractors. Furthermore, if it’s not SAP, it’s not Carvaljo’s business. We like to keep things clear.

Things we do, and do well

Carvaljo serves independent SAP professionals, who have made the career choice of delivering high quality SAP consultancy on a contract basis. SAP professionals who are continuously looking for the next exciting project to excercise and improve their skills. And who want to be represented by an agent with the experience to look after their interests, with a personal touch, naturally.

Consultants employed by suppliers to Carvaljo

Quite frequently, Carvaljo contracts consultants who are employed by SAP consultancies that we know well. There is no difference in business processes compared to independent contractors.

Rights and responsibilities

Carvaljo conducts sustainable business, compliant with tax and socail security regulations in the countries we operate in. We expect our contractors to have the same professional attitude, and we check their compliancy. We always pay our contractors within the agreed period, whether we get paid on time or not. Carvaljo never oversells contractors to projects, nor do we contract over-qualified consultants for the task at hand. We always meet consultants face to face, before submitting their resumes. And because we know our clients well, we provide excellent support during interviews and in the course of projects.