Carvaljo handles privacy-sensitive data in a professional manner and strictly adheres to the legal guidelines around privacy and security, in particular the European Data Protection Regulation (Avg / GDPR), as laid down in the so-called ‘Data Pro Code’ from our branch organization ‘Nederland ICT’.

For follow its employer tasks and responsibilities, Carvaljo stores and processes relevant personal data. Carvaljo also uses personal data of employees by means of curricula vitae for the acquisition of new assignments. As that is inherent to its business typology. Situational, personal data are necessarily used to obtain customer-specific on-boarding documents / permission, system access, company passes and / or so-called VOG’s.

For inter collegial use, Carvaljo provides a personnel list in the form of a ‘who is who’. This includes the private home address, date of birth, mobile business telephone number and business email address.

In the storage and processing of personal data, Carvaljo has taken appropriate technical (‘hard-controls’) and organizational measures (‘soft controls’) to ensure a level of security that is geared to the risk associated with the intended use of Carvaljo.

Employees recognize the need for storage and processing of personal data, declare that they are aware of this and grant their approval.

Employees have the right to inspect, correct and delete personal data. The data will automatically be deleted three years after leaving the company.
Within Carvaljo, Mr. Ger Beckers is responsible for protecting privacy-sensitive data. Mr. Ger Beckers can be contacted by telephone +31-6-51514012 and / or by email

Mr. Beckers is also the dedicated contact person for questions about the protection of personal data and / or an unexpected privacy complaint.
Carvaljo BV is located at Bergerweg 120, 6135 KP in Sittard, The Netherlands.