Carvaljo Associates

The association is a form of cooperation between a number of highly experienced SAP professionals. The associates are knowledge carriers with an enterprising mindset who, in addition to their independence, work together as a group in many areas. In the association, a number of independent senior SAP consultants work closely together in practicing their trade of SAP consultancy while maintaining autonomy.

Collaboration is key

From the collective, each has its own SAP specialism and contribution.

We share:

knowledge through relevant meetings;
experience by discussing our assignments;
business opportunities through answering requests;
fun by organizing social events (informal get-togethers)

This is how we cooperate in Carvaljo Associates

Carvaljo Associates way of working

As an independent entrepreneur and SAP consultant, we prefer to work on appealing and challenging SAP assignments. The Associates are all independent entrepreneurs and decide autonomously about the acceptance of the nature of the assignments, the client, the location, the rate, whether or not to work part-time, etc.


Entrepreneurship, however, includes so much more and that is exactly where Carvaljo supports Carvaljo Associates. Carvaljo forms, also as a partner, the Board of Carvaljo Associates. And that is with the aim of unburdening. With our practical services and sales commitment, you can work on your assignments carefree. As a partner and participant in our network, you benefit from administrative and contractual support and you can use the facilities made available. At the same time, you are part of a community of like-minded and ambitious fellow entrepreneurs.


The everyday management of Carvaljo Associates is in the hands of Mike Rijvers and Janne Meijers.

Interested and/or information as a candidate for Carvaljo Associates?

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